Take Action: Tell the state and federal agencies to Deep Green the Purple Line!

Strong public transit that reduces car use and urban sprawl is an essential part of protecting our region’s land and water. But when new transit infrastructure is built, it must be done right. Right now, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Maryland Department of the Environment, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources are considering whether and how to grant the needed state and federal environmental permits for the Purple Line.

The deadline for commenting on these permits has been extended until December 2nd. Take Action—submit your own comment letter today!

Audubon Naturalist Society wrote a comment letter on November 2nd, highlighting the need for strong environmental guidelines to govern the permits and ensure the least amount of impact to streams and trees. Most importantly, we want the state and federal agencies to follow county, rather than state, standards for managing polluted runoff, or stormwater, off the rail line and its stations and other facilities. Polluted runoff is the major threat to streams and creeks in our urban and suburban region. Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties require stricter standards than state law, and we don’t want a state project to undo or undercut county efforts to protect and restore streams.

Take Action Now—use the form below to tell the state and federal agencies to make sure that if it’s built, the Purple Line is Deep Green!

About Eliza Cava

Eliza Cava is the ANS Director of Conservation, where she leads our MD & DC policy, advocacy, and conservation outreach work, supervises our citizen science programs and VA advocacy work, and supports Woodend restoration as a demonstration landscape for the region.
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