About Alison Pearce

Alison Pearce is the ANS Director of Restoration, where she manages the restoration of our historic Woodend Sanctuary to make it a premier environmental learning and demonstration site in the DC region.

Woodend Restoration Watch: Winter 2017 edition

Photo Credit Caroline Brewer

With long time Volunteer Program Manager Alison Pearce starting her new role as Director of Restoration, exciting things will start happening faster at Woodend Sanctuary. That’s why we’re unveiling our new recurring feature, Woodend Restoration Watch! Check back regularly to see what’s new and upcoming and our beautiful oasis within … Continue reading

Citizen Science at Woodend Nature Sanctuary

You’ve probably heard about the ANS citizen scientists who have been monitoring streams in our region for 25 years.  These water protectors sound the alarm on threats to water quality.  But did you know there are several citizen science efforts happening at Woodend?  As we gear up to restore plant … Continue reading