Action Alert: More Trees Please! Volunteers Power Conservation Advocacy for Maryland Forests

A few weeks ago, I joined a handful of other volunteers for a meeting with ANS Conservation Director Eliza Cava and consultant Bruce Gilmore at ANS offices in Chevy Chase, MD.
The purpose of the meeting was to inspire a group of volunteers to act as “an ANS coordinating committee on activating our members to call and write their state legislators in support of protecting more of Maryland’s trees and forests.” We learned about the Forest Conservation Act. We learned that it’s a good law–one of the best of its kind in the US–but that it needs some modification to make it even better. We learned that there is a lot to learn.  I specifically learned that, like Jon Snow, I know nothing.

There was pizza.

I think I can speak for most of the attendees that night when I say that we left with both new-found knowledge of just how complex advocacy work is, and with a little–a lot of?–trepidation about what it was we were committing to doing. Eliza was about to depart on parental leave and we were going to keep up the momentum on this important project.

We’re a small team, but we’re happy to say that we’re doing our best to fill Eliza’s shoes with our collective feet.  Here’s what you can do!

The next legislative session in Maryland begins in January. Please encourage your state representatives to fix the Forest Conservation Act in 2018!


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