ANS Comments On EPA’s Evaluation of Existing Regulations

As part of his mission to roll back environmental protections, Trump Administration EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt sought “recommendations about potential repeal, replacement, or modification” of existing regulations. EPA regulations are meant to protect the public and are generally the product of months, if not years, of careful study and analysis. While through these regulations we have made progress in cleaning up the environment, ANS strongly believes that there is more to be done and we cannot afford regulatory rollbacks.

We respectfully request that instead of pursuing a course that likely will lead to repeal or weakening of regulations, EPA continue to implement and enforce the sound regulations already on the books. EPA ought to be asking how to better and more efficiently carry out its mission of protecting public health and the environment, not how to retreat from it by minimizing safeguards disfavored by regulated industries.

EPA must be a good steward of our air, land and water protections. It must do so by prioritizing beneficial regulations that receive fair and adequate input from the public based on sound science and the expertise of agency staff.

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