ANS comments on Rock Creek Park Nature Center Complex Development Concept Plan

 Image credit: TrailVoiceThe National Park Service is considering several different concept plans to redevelop the Nature Center and Maintenance Yard area off Oregon Avenue and Military Road NW in Rock Creek Park.

ANS staff and supporters endorse “Concept 2: Fix It” of the Development Concept Plan, provided there is minimal expansion of built footprints, tree protection, improved accessibility and continued sustainment of waterway quality.  They urge that the plan include protection of trees, birds, and other wildlife as important objectives.  

However, ANS views Concept Plans 3 and 4 as incompatible with the 2005 General Management Plan and the purpose of a Nature Center in Rock Creek Park because it would result in a loss of habitat and wildlife.

Click here to learn more about the Rock Creek plan. 

Click here to read our February 7, 2017 letter.

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