ANS Staff Children Provide Take on Stream Superheroes

As luck would have it, yesterday April 28, 2016, was Bring Your Child to Work Day and we had just introduced our Stream Superheroes.  Inspired, a few of my colleagues children created original stream superheroes to join the ranks of our Hydro Girl and Doctor Stream Strider. Enjoy!

The River Princess

Stream Superhero The River Princess

She’s a tough stream protector, fighting to keep water clean, created by Michelle, age 5.



Meet Stream Superhero 5-3 PO Seaman

Stream Superhero 5 3 PO Seaman

Joshua, age 6, created this stream superhero. He fights oil, bacteria and dangerous gasses threatening local streams.

The Salamander Duo

Stream Superhero The Salamander duo               Lauren, age 10, also shared her story of The Salamander duo.
The Salamander Duo, at the creek behind their house, suddenly saw a salamander in trouble. They went to help it and when they did to their surprise they got cool super powers such as the ability to talk to any water animal, to breath under water, and they can stick to any surface and fly.
Join the growing ranks of Stream Superheroes: 1. Create a superhero name for yourself. 2.Tell us your heroic actions to protect local streams.  3. Show off your superpowers. By Kelli Holsendolph. Kelli is Director of Marketing and Communications for Audubon Naturalist Society. 
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