Woodend Restoration Watch: Winter 2017 edition

With long time Volunteer Program Manager Alison Pearce starting her new role as Director of Restoration, exciting things will start happening faster at Woodend Sanctuary. That’s why we’re unveiling our new recurring feature, Woodend Restoration Watch! Check back regularly to see what’s new and upcoming and our beautiful oasis within the Beltway…  –Eliza

Photo Credit Caroline Brewer

We cut the ribbon on the Tree-Safe Rain Garden

On October 13th, along with partners from our funders Chesapeake Bay Trust and Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, as well as our construction company Environmental Quality Resources, LLC, and partner organization Rock Creek Conservancy, we cut the ribbon on our newly installed Tree-Safe Rain Garden. Take a look below the stately walnut tree next time you’re at Woodend Sanctuary. You’re seeing your Water Quality Protection Charge dollars at work!

We set the stage for Woodend Restoration

This fall, for the first time in many years, we were able to plant native shrubs and trees at Woodend with confidence that they will survive. The restoration of native plant communities at Woodend is now possible due to the construction of a perimeter deer fence around 33 of its 40 acres.  Here, as in many parts of the eastern United States, dramatically overpopulated deer have changed the structure of our deciduous forest by selectively browsing native plants and preventing the survival of young tree seedlings.  In fact, the Nature Conservancy has issued a statement about such intense deer pressure, “In our opinion, no other threat to forested habitats is greater at this point in time — not lack of fire, not habitat conversion, not climate change.”  We look forward to healing the forest at Woodend and restoring habitat for native species like shrub-nesting songbirds and the amphibians that require herbaceous cover.

About Alison Pearce

Alison Pearce is the ANS Director of Restoration, where she manages the restoration of our historic Woodend Sanctuary to make it a premier environmental learning and demonstration site in the DC region.
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