ANS Opposes the SHA Proposed Salt Barn on the Edge of Rock Creek Wooded Stream Buffer

Audubon Naturalist Society joins with the Rock Creek Hills Citizens’ Association in opposing the State Highway Administration’s (SHA) proposed Salt Barn to be located on the edge of the Lower Rock Creek watershed, and requests full and immediate disclosure by SHA of alternate locations considered. ANS letter opposing the SHA proposed Salt Barn on edge of Rock Creek wooded stream buffer. Related: Letter to SHA from Kensington, MD resident “Request for Public Information re: Apparent violations of State law regarding proposed salt barn @ Rock Creek.”Pekar letter April 4 2016 Photo of proposed Salt Barn site: site of proposed SHA salt barn showing proximity to Rock Creek_Google Map accessed 3 31 2016
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  1. Jewel B. Barlow

    I think that the determination of the pros and cons of use of salt in various quantities on our roads is something we should do to the best of our ability. But, this is not the immediate question. The immediate question is whether the use of the SHA site for the proposed purpose will be an improvement on the current situation. I believe it will be an improvement for Rock Creek because the SHA will, under current practices, create a much improved water runoff control situation. The other issues with respect to local residents seem to me to be overblown nimby types of complaints. The ANS letter addresses a general use of salt issue, not whether a salt barn that is a clear improvement on the current practice should be constructed.

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