Take Action: Green Streets for Clean Water!

ANS and our partner environmental and watershed organizations in Montgomery County strongly support the county’s programs to manage polluted runoff (stormwater) off our paved surfaces. Polluted runoff is the most significant threat to water quality in our streams and creeks, and the only growing source of pollution to the Chesapeake Bay. The county operates two programs, Green Streets and Rainscapes, which are designed to solve these problems.

Green Streets projects capture stormwater runoff in small landscaped areas such as rain gardens, bioretention gardens, bioswales, and tree boxes that allow water to soak into the ground while plants and soils filter pollutants. These attractive areas provide natural habitat and replenish groundwater instead of sending polluted, heated water directly into our streams. Read more in our Spring 2017 Naturalist Quarterly.

Unfortunately, the program could be in jeopardy due to opposition from a small group of vocal neighbors. From our experience and from partner organizations like Friends of Sligo Creek, we know that opposition is not widespread and that most people who get Green Streets installed in their neighborhoods support the program–and other neighbors are excited to get their own! Help us support this valuable program by sending your own letter in support to County Council.

Green Streets projects are currently in design in the following neighborhoods:

  • Kensington Estates
  • Sligo Woods
  • Manor Woods
  • Wheaton Woods
  • Glenmont Forest
  • Springbrook Estates
  • Cannon Road

Some people in these neighborhoods are opposed to Green Streets projects, while there are other neighborhoods in the county that would very much like to have Green Streets projects address the stormwater deteriorating their streets and streams. Future projects, such as in the neighborhoods desiring Green Streets projects, can not be considered until the Department of Environmental Protection completes the current projects. Those opposed to Green Streets have been writing to the county and the state expressing their opposition to the program, which has been slowing the projects down.

Help us support this valuable program by sending your own letter in support of Green Streets to the County Council using our easy form below.

 Do you live near a Green Streets project? Drive by one? Would like one in your neighborhood? Let the County know! Please see the attached Green Streets Fact Sheet to help you get started.

About Eliza Cava

Eliza Cava is the ANS Director of Conservation, where she leads our MD & DC policy, advocacy, and conservation outreach work, supervises our citizen science programs and VA advocacy work, and supports Woodend restoration as a demonstration landscape for the region.
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  1. My family lives in an area of Montgomery county that is designated to have rain gardens installed. We are thrilled that our tax dollars are being used to implement a strategy that is WORKS to help keep our streams, ponds and reservoirs clean. This method of catching and filtering rain water and run off works in harmony with nature to help reduce our impact on our planet. And they look lovely too!

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