What makes a mission? Part 3: Protect

Photo Credit: Andrea via Flickr This is the third in a short series examining ANS’ mission and what it means for the Conservation Program.
The Audubon Naturalist Society inspires residents of the greater Washington, DC, region to appreciate, understand, and protect their natural environment through outdoor experiences, education, and advocacy.
Why protect? Because what we love is at risk and because with great power comes great responsibility. As the population of the Washington, DC region has grown and expanded over the past decades, too often development decisions have been made with little regard for nature and wise stewardship of our natural resources. Because in addition to teaching us, nature protects us: trees and plants clean our air and filter our drinking water, the soil nourishes the food we eat, birds and bats eat the insects that plague us, and green spaces provide us with places to play and grow strong. In return, we have an obligation to protect nature in our own decision-making.

About Eliza Cava

Eliza Cava is the ANS Director of Conservation, where she leads our MD & DC policy, advocacy, and conservation outreach work, supervises our citizen science programs and VA advocacy work, and supports Woodend restoration as a demonstration landscape for the region.
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